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Island Korčula

Beautiful Korčula


Our warmest recommendations go to exploring the island as much as possible.

There are numbers of hidden treasures like small beaches, beautiful islands, small villages surrounded by vineyards, and of course beautiful architecture in town of Korčula which is a must see. It is no wonder they call it a little Dubrovnik. Let yourself wonder around small, narrow streets and be surprised by cultural beauty, food and drink specialties. But also as well as trying local food and drink specialties, part of your evening activity should consist of watching the old sword dance Moreška, performed at the summer theatre twice a week during peak season.

If you are in to archeology go to Vela Luka and visit Vela Spila. It is believed that this cave was inhabited more than 20,000 years ago and archaeologists have made hoards of discoveries in recent years.

If you like your holidays to be more active you can rent a bike and drive around or rent a kayak and explore island from the sea. Or maybe do a trekking route and explore small nature park called Kočje near village Žrnovo. Some say the fairies live there. Please take special care while visiting and leave the nature as you found it.