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Calming Lumbarda


Lumbarda is a  beautiful village situated on the north-eastern cape of the island Korčula.
In the past Lumbarda was the main Korčula bishops and nobles destination, and still exudes a country-style atmosphere. It is situated on the north of the Island Korčula just along the bay and on the slopes of the hills which surround the valley.

The things that most attracts visitors are crystal blue sea, sandy beaches and an archipelago consisting of twenty small beautiful and relaxing islands. But also there are big fields of olive trees and family owned vineyars. Wine connoisseurs come to Lumbarda from afar just to taste GRK – white wine made ​​from indigenous grape varieties of the same name.

Vela Pržina is the biggest natural sandy beach in Lumbarda but also on the island of Korčula. The beach is located on south, just 10 min walk through vineyards from our Apartments. It gives you calming open view to Italy and island of Lastovo.

Another sand beach is Bilin žal. It is located on the north side of Lumbarda, 5 min walk from our Apartments. It is overlooking on Lumbarda`s Archipelago and amazing Pelječac Peninsula.

Although Lumbarda is famous by its natural sandy beaches, for those who like stone and private beaches Lenga/Brendana is a perfect place. It is a rocky coast line with many isolated spots with pebble stone beaches or old quarries turned into beaches all surrounded by shades of huge pine trees.
You can reach it by 10 min walk from our Apartments, just walk through Bilin Žal beach and follow the coast.

And last, but not the least, small islands in front of Lumbarda. They are the precious gem that we just adore. Which ever you choose to visit you won`t regret. They are the most calmest place on earth, for us anyway. 😉 We hope you will come and see it for yourself..


If you are interested in visiting the islands you can do that by a kayak. Our daughter runs a kayak agency in Lumbarda and this is their website –   Just mention that you are our guests, and you can have a 10% off! Have fun and enjoy!